Festive ceremony 19 march 2016 Almere

Wake me up (Dutch Version)

On March 19 a small group of 30 Award participants officially became Golden Award holders! They received their Award during a festive ceremony in the View in Almere. This afternoon was filled with stories from both participants as well as youthwork De Schoor from Almere, who offer the Award program.

Janieke van den Heuvel and Sophie Kerstens hosted the Award ceremony in both English and Dutch. The special guest this afternoon was Franc Weerwind, the Mayor of Almere. After a short history lesson on Almere, a city that was founded 40 years ago, it was time for the Award participants and their stories.

The experience from the different participants varied, but all stories were captivating, entertaining and thrilling. There was an expedition that was held in snowcovered mountaints in Norway, a residential project in a South African jail, sport as an individual talent and of course there was music. After all, the djembé that was brought home after an expedition has tob e ussed! The second performence of this afternoon was from two new Golden Award Holders who played ‘Wake me up’ from Avicii on the piano and the violin. A fitting theme for the Award ceremony as the lyrics states ‘I can’t tell where the journey ends, but I know where to start’.

After the Award ceremony it was time for some drinks. Catching up with fellow Golden Award Holders and the Award organisation, while enjoying a drink and bite. Definitely a successful afternoon!

To all the Golden Award Holders whom are interested in helping the Award, become an Award Ambassador! That way you can help other young people achieving their award, represent the Award or help the Award organisation in making the Award ceremony a success. If you are interested, please contact amy.crooijmans@award.nl

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